Stay Afloat by Aligning Your Mind to the Good

Some days it feels like we’re drowning. That relationship fails. Our job is difficult, painful, tense. Money’s tight. Friends don’t understand. Life feels dark. During days (or months) like these, it is as though we’ve stopped swimming against the current and are instead underwater, in that dark, cold, lonely place, full of fear. It might feel like we can’t go on. But we must. Giving up is not an option. So how do we find that strength and determination to rise above the water and find shore?

The mind is a powerful instrument and we must use it to empower ourselves. Aligning our thoughts to the good is absolutely necessary to swim to the surface of the water and free ourselves from the murky darkness. When we drown we must read inspirational books, poetry, quotes, we must watch inspirational movies, documentaries, t.v. shows, and we must listen to inspirational music, motivational c.ds and use apps that help to drive that message home that we can go forward. Ultimately, we should pray and then offer service to others even though we may say, “I can’t, I have nothing in me for anyone else.”

When we tune the mind to the highest good, when we align our thinking to the positive, we will change our outlook and power our resolve. Positive thinking gives us the strength to power back to the surface of the water and take air. And then, we are able to look around, determine on the direction of the shore and power forward toward it.

It may take days, weeks, months to reach that shoreline and a multitude of terrifying waves may break over us, momentarily stopping our stride, but with our mind still focused on the good, on the positive, on the possible, nothing will stop us. Over time, as we continue to think good thoughts, eschew a positive outlook and help others, the waves will subside and eventually we will stumble onto a shoreline. And as we stand and dry in the warmth of the sun, we will know that the difficulties are behind us and we have won through.

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